Parents often don’t have the time or resources available to properly advise their child and this is where a golf development coach can help! As your trusted advisor, Patty will assist you in making informed decisions for your child and will be “by your side every step of the way.”

The mentoring offered by Patty provides guidance and expertise to parents as their child is developing through their sport . . . golf. Mentoring respects and utilizes the natural stages of physical, mental, and emotional growth while focusing on skill development and consultation in areas needed. A mentor for your child will assist in many ways, as if they had the type of support offered by a Division 1 college.


  1. Tournament Management -
    • Assist with tournament scheduling.
    • Preparation and daily communication during tournament.
    • Coaching / Attendance at tournaments - includes travel to/from tournament site, preparation, coaching during practice round, plan of action for course management, and daily communication.
    • Tournament analytics - observe player during tournament to gather analytics for coach.
  2. Course Management - meet at a local course for on-course playing lesson focused on course management, short game, recovery shots, pre-shot routine, etc.
  3. Focused skill development - a balanced approach in development of the areas needed for golf performance.
    • Physical/injury/pain.
    • Mental/emotional readiness.
    • Teamwork and interpersonal relationships, sportsmanship.
  4. Mentoring - collaborating with experts in the field and networking with notable alumni to ensure college/career readiness.
On Course Coaching
Coaching Lauryn Nguyen
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